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If worst comes to worst

I do a lot of fishing in New York, so these regulation changes will affect me. The way I understand this law regarding the long leaders is to prevent the guys nymphing/lining with with long mono leaders and a floating line, however the same result could be achieved by swining a long leader right along bottom, although not the preferred technique I sure. If worst came to worst and while using a sink tip you wanted to fish a leader longer than 4ft you might have to place a micro shot within 4ft of your fly, which wouldn't affect your presentation but would make you legal.

On another note, how does this law apply to the guy wanting to fish a floating line a no weight on the fly. Would he be breaking the rules by have a leader longer than 4ft or would a C.O. understand he is only fishing in the top 1ft or so of water?

I'm sure this regulation will become more complicated in the future as more people ask more questions such as those above.

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