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JD, I only got one of the small ones and it was quite a bulldozer. Can't wait to get one of the big ones. I saw several that were probably over 25 pounds! And, believe it or not, I have had a carp jump after being hooked (while bait fishing ). It was just a little one, but it porpoised right out of the water on the first run!

Thanks Juro! You should see all the "dud" shots. I really need a digital camera!

Mark, if they eat nymphs in the river they may eat them in the pond too. Whatever you use, you just have to keep trying! I probably casted to more than a hundred fish before I finally got one.

John, on the first day I was using a floating line and retrieving slowly with some pauses to let the fly sink down a little. The carp were cruising in a couple of feet of murky water that had a lot of weed cover so they weren't too spooky. At first I wasn't sure if they were really following the fly or just happened to be swimming in the same direction, and then one of them actually ate the fly! On the second day I was fishing in clearer water. Some of the fish were cruising but some were grubbing on the bottom and making "muds". The fish ignored the fly or got spooked every time I thought I'd made a good presentation, so I switched to an intermediate line to get the fly closer to the bottom and used a single piece of fluoro for a leader so there wouldn't be any knots near the fly. The fish I caught was grubbing on the bottom in about 2 feet of water. I casted just beyond the fish, let the fly sink to the bottom and dragged it slowly through the stirred up mud right in front of the fish.
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