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I have a symbiotic relationship with sledders! As you know, in low fall conditions the summer slabs hold under the willows in the trench on the far side. If you're lucky you get a low and inside fish at dawn. Then nothing happens until the sleds start pounding the far trench - suddenly at 10 o'clock in bright sunlight WHAM, multiple hookups for the fly guys. Makes the free drifters and boondoggers scratch their heads. BTW - the fish hang all through the knee deep rocks after 5pm froom September on until the winter fish arrive and the river swells.

*** now don't get me wrong, I'd rather be skating a caddis muddler in pocket water on the upper Kalama ***

I am not a Cowhead as this thread might indicate, but on the other hand I don't often have seven fish evenings with summer bucks to 17 pounds on dry lines very many places, and work a lot harder to catch chromer summer fish by Father's Day elsewhere, etc. I guess because I caught my first Washington Steelhead there I have a strange affinity for it among the many rivers I love. Every time I fish it I dream about it without dams and hatcheries. The Toutle, the Green (Lewis / Clark cty) are remnants of it's glory.

Another sleeper is the Green (King cty). The upper green is incredibly beautiful and it's size is just right for summer run flyfishing if you ask me. The spring run of natives (although less numerous) is significant and 27 pounders have been recorded. I've landed 11 fish in the last 9 days of the season of which one was a hatchery kelt and the largest of the string was a 16 pound native hen I'll never forget. There are plenty of summer fish and they are real surface oriented after August.

In any case, I've got summer-run fever already. When is one of you guys gonna go down to the East Fork Lewis and bang a chromer on a prawn pattern for the team?
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