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Good point, people. Having not taken the "class," I'm only basing my fears on what he's written on his website as a course description, and what I've heard happened on this year's Skagit class (from a fellow steelhead addict). According to this person, he did exactly what we all hoped he wouldn't. Of course, since I don't fish the Skagit too frequently, when I heard about that, it was easy to say, yeah, it's too bad but what can I do? Then, when it comes to my own home river, well, all of a sudden it's pretty darn important. What I'm saying is that I'm guilty a kind of self-serving concern, and in reality, we all need to watch out so that a certain respect is given to all our rivers. Anyway, I'm really excited about the level of discussion going on on this topic. I know it's not as much fun as fishin' reports, but you guys are putting a high degree of thought into this, and I'm learning something from all of you. So I really appreciate that--keep on going.

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