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I think you got to 1,000 posts by responding to my posts, so I think I should get some type of bonus posts or something like that.

BTW, at my local fly shop yesterday I noticed some odd looking flies in their cases which were basically small cuts of foam on a small plastic tube which had a marabou feathers around it. I asked the owner what these were and he said they are from Oregon, a drift fly fishing set up to be used with a Chuck n Duck slinkie type set up. That is the only way you could use this it is similar to a corkie drift rig. Ever seen these out there. The owner was not sure what they were called.

I told him my Oregon Rogue river FF colleague would be able to advise me what they were called. He had a lot of them to sell and I think I could get them real cheap but since I am not a chuck n duck guy but sink tip I have no use for them.

Ever seen these ?

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