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Fly tying stuff

I will only sell this as a group. Everything listed is less the 20% used and many of them are full. Matrials are in plastic draw units which I will include. I will deliver within the boston area. 400.00
call at 617-864-4251

-10 Ken Abrahams RLS Hackles
Silver Doctor Blue, Chartruese, Yellow, Black, White, Olive
Bronze Olive, Sandeel Red, Pale Ginger, Pale Yellow
- B grade Jungle Cock Saddle
- 8 Saltwater capes in
black/white, red, 2 pinks, barred chartruse, barred yellow
barred olive, and dun
- 250 assorted Saltwater Hooks: Owner, Mustad, and Eagle Claw
- 150 assorted Lead/Brass clouser eyes
- 200 stick on eyes
- 10 yards of assorted tubing: mylar and plactic
- Black and White magnum zonker strips
- black, white, blue, and dun yak hair
- black, white, blue, and purple big fly fiber
- 18 packs of superhair in assorted colors
- 7 packs of kinky fiber in assorted colors
-12 packs of polarfiber/craft fur in assorted colors
- 24 packs of strung hackles in assorted collors
- 20 packs of crystal flash in assorted colors
- 20 packs of flashabou/polarflash in assorted colors
- 2 dozen bucktails in assorted colors
- EZ body
chartruese, pearl, white, olive, gill red, and silver scale
- 3 dozen foam popper bodies and pulgasi two part popper
- 6 packs of body braid
- Red, white and black deer hair
- 3 packs of Crab yard
- felt and rubber legs for crabs
- cinder worm tubing
- Angle hair: blue, yellow, silver, gold, pearl
- gurler foam in white, green, black, yellow, orange

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