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I know that many of you guys are talking about skamania and the strongness of te hook, but I can get by with 6lb test and standard nymph hooks. Now, I am not saying that this is right for every situation because sometimes the stronger the better is essentail. For me, the main thing is playing the fish and staying under control. The tiemco hooks(7999??) are very strong, and I have never had problems with them. I do use saltwater hooks when fishing the surf since the pattern is usually attacked viciously. Now not to brag, but the great lakes has alot to offer.....and chasing toperdoes in the middle of summer when it is 100+ deg. cannot be rivaled....or wait, maybe that is chasing steelhead in sub-zero temps in the middle of january as your guides are iced and your hands are numb???.....well, whatever it may be, us lakers go to the extreme.

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