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PM's - 1000 th Forumn Post

Had to think a little about what to do for this forumn milestone.
I joined in late November 2001 now it is 7 months and 1,000 posts later.

Have enjoyed the information shared with the forumn's members from each area of the world. Learned a lot and I hope you have learned something from my posts.

Fly fishing is a wonderful out door sport in which you can enyoy nature, find solitude and pursue the complex challenges persented in the different types of fly fishing and species pursued. I have been doing since 12 years old thats 42 years ago.

I feel like I personally know many members but in reality there is not one member I have met in the flesh to date. Such is our cyber fly fishing world. Hopefully I will be able to personally meet many of you some day and fish together.

Below I attached a picture of me steelhead fly fishing in Michigan's Pere Marquette fly fishing only section. Probably my fondest north american river to date. If I had one day left to fish on earth and could have the PM to myself, this is probably where I would chose to spend it in pursuit of wild steelhead on the fly.

Look forward to more fly fishing information exchanges with the members.



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