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Hey Skookum, Trutta, Sinktip, et all

I've got an idea - one of us needs to take this Class and see what he's teaching! If it's really about knots and flies (somebody pass the maribou <g&gt and river courtesy, then GREAT! Hell, I'll show them my whole flybox if that would guarantee that they'd all follow decent river courtesy and wait their turn on popular runs. I'm sure we'd all agree on that one <g>

But I have to agree with Skookum, it would seem like a (self-destructive) sellout if a guide goes down a river like the Skykomish divulging the Sweet Water to a class of 20-30 "students" as he advertises. Doesn't mean I can stop it, but I'd certainly want to make a comment or two stating my displeasure.

What if, for example, he's decided to move to Alaska? Or decided to get out of guiding altogether? "C'mon, everybody, I'll show you every Steelheading secret and Spot I've learned in the last 20++ years for $100!" I don't know about you, but I feel like he'd be betraying both the river and the other veteran anglers kind enough to have helped him gather that information over the years.

So it all boils down to what's really going on in these classes. I'm guessing it's mostly Hype - I know the guide and he's pretty savvy about protecting his "spots". Then again, things change. . .

And I'm really curious to hear Juro's take on this subject, as he always has an interesting viewpoint on such issues.


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