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Spey Pages Spey School with Grindstone Angling

I did the school with Grindstone Angling out of Waterdown, Ontario: 905.689.0880. John Valk is the proprietor and head guide, and he and his staff and associates advocate traditional UK and PNW methods. John keeps a good stock of Spey stuff. Rick Whorwood is a good friend of mine and serious student of the two-hander with a keen interest in applying various "long rod" methods to Great Lakes steelhead waters (he also ties beautiful classic Spey and Dee flies and is internationally known for his expertise, but you probably knew that already). Josef Teschl is another good friend and an excellent Spey instructor who has invested a great deal of time studying traditional longline Spey methods. All of these people would be excellent contacts for anyone in the Great Lakes area interested in two-handed fly rods, casting, and the application of classic "swung fly" traditions to Great Lakes waters.

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