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Yes please do since the fly shops in Chicago barely know what a spey rod or line is. Your waters are much bigger than ours in general. There is nothing close to the size of the Thompson, Grande Rhonde, or Skagit in the mid west that has steelhead.

Michigan fly shots near the good rivers have spey tackle but it is long drive to them.

Muskegon, Big Manistee, are the largest and have good steelhead fly water. St Josephs is big in sections but not really great fly fishing water, only in certain limited areas. All others are smaller rivers but with very good steelhead fly fishing opportunities.


P.S. I used spinning tackle the 1st year I fished for steelhead in 1979 until I got the correct steelhead equipment and to figure out how to fish them. Previously I had been all trout, bass, light saltwater fly fishing back east. Since 1980 I have been all fly rod for steelhead. Actually I have not even caught a steelhead on spinning gear, salmon yes, but not steelhead.
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