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I am aware that there are some significant changes going on in parts of the Great Lakes fishery re swinging flies. Dana in his school back there was suitably impressed with what is happening (as well as being impressed with the fishery itself!).

The centre pin remark is probably a bit cheap. I float fished for many years before converting to the fly. It is a deadly technique and it transfers nicely to nymphing tecniques. We do little of the upsream nymphing out here as it doesn't cover much water and on the big waters I fish he who covers the most water catches the most fish. On the "tighter" waters that you guys are faced with I can see how it makes sense. As well, the larger numbers of fish concentrated in constricted areas would make running a nymph down a slot deadly.

As for info and flyshops I see how that would pose a problem. We went through that stuff when spey fishing first came back into prominence - nobody really knew anything. At least you guys can glean some stuff from out this way. I don't remember the name of the shop that Dana was working within Ontario, but they are right into developing the "traditional" steelhead techniques in the Great Lakes area, I'll find out and let you know.
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