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Basically I have been using what Kush describes but with a much shorter leader and weighted nymphs. (No slinkies) I have a number of custom made sinking heads I made up with loop to loop connections and connect to a WF sinking tip. Thats what I am using now on the new spey rod which worked OK this past spring. Have to get those weighted tube flies in nymph patterns designed and implemented. Thats a bit to do on my steelhead fishing list.

I am always looking for new wet fly and nymph options such as the running line and shooting heads, and or the new sink tip spey lines becoming available. Dan does that Rio Atlantic/Salmon line come with multiple sink tips as there other lines ? I have heard a couple of other good things on the Rio Atlantic/Salmon line from others but never seen or touched one.

Thats the problem out here not many fly fishing shops carry a lot of spey tackle or focus on it since we are few. Nor do we have spey claves at which to see the different types of rods and lines etc. Looking at a line on the internet does not provide much information to make an informed decision.

Kush I have never seen a PNW center pin and dink reel used in the U.S. great lakes side. Canadian side of great lakes probably yes. And you will be glad to know that great lakes fly fishers like Dan, me and others are trying to convert those who are still doing Chuck N Duck slinky fly fishing methods, etc... I am seeing less of that technique and more indicator and sink tip techniques used for fishing steelhead and salmon with speys flies and nymphs.

Some day you will have to come out here and show me how to get strikes on 15 lb test leaders since I have failed with anything higher than 8 lb test over the last 20 years, except for summer runs which I think 12 lb test has been the highest I ever hooked them on.

Oh well, such is the "Sum of the Challenge" (R.H. Brown), thats what keeps me coming back for more chrome.

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