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Here is a thought for you, most of us out here make our own sink-tip set-ups by cutting the factory line where the front taper ends andattaching a loop to loop system. On an Accellerator for example, this is 17' from the tip, here we attach the section of sinking line as the thick belly will turn it over. A good buddy of mine occasionally upstream nymphs (which is not too common here in BC), what he does is loop his leader directly to this main belly - it really works. What he usually fishes is a heavy brass tube fly and a 14' leader. The rod loads very easily as the heavy belly is right there and the short-line technique is easy to accomplish.

It sounds like this might very well be a solution for you. Plus, if and when you want to fish dries or surface presentations you simply loop the original floating front taper back on. As well, if you want sunken swings you can make up some shooting heads - you'll be ready for anything!

If you want a little detail I went into some in a recent thread on the Flyfishing Gear Review board. Or PM me if you want.
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