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I know what he says in the add but based upon my friend's report, they spent almost no time fishing and exploring "sweet water". Either way, I guess I am not upset at him as he has to make a living and let's face it, it isn't hard to find the best water, all you need to do is look for fishermen.

I guess my biggest complaint with the guide in question is his repeated antidam stance on his reports page. Don't get me wrong, I agree but I feel that he is preaching to the choir on that issue.

Glad to see there is another addict out there. You sound like you have me beat as I have only totalled 36 or 37 days since Jan. 1. I am headed to the Deschutes in Oregon for four days of chasing trout and then back for metalheads come June 1.

Congrat's on the luck at Jack Daniels the last day of C and R. If I have the story from Doublespey right, I believe you and a friend were the ones that hit fish there. I fished it around 1:00 and my budy had a hot hookup but the hook came free.

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