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Yes. Very beautiful and inspiring words.

Thanks Kerry! I spent considerable time during the weekend thinking of my father who is now deceased but always with me in spirit. How kind and wise he was. He once found a skunk with it's leg caught in a steel jaw trap and talked to the poor creature reassuring it enough to allow him to release it without making a stink.

He was raised by an Ojibwa (Chippewa) chief who taught him the ways of the earth. I learned to hunt with a hand made ash bow and hand made arrows given to me at a quite young age. I was taught to listen to the world around and within me, to the squirrels and birds and the wind and brook and to my heart. If one is in tune with the earth it will tell you where to look for game and where to cast to a fish and when to be alert for danger.

I was also taught to never kill or injure one of God's creatures except for food or to protect my loved ones and myself.

Although the words "We belong to the earth. The earth does not belong to us." are commonly attributed to an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle (Noah Sealth) it seems that in truth they were composed in 1972 by screenwriter Ted Perry for a documentary about the environment.

A different version of the speech (said to be verbatim as translated by a Dr. Henry Smith) was published by the "Seattle Sunday Star" on October 29, 1887. It has since been shown that Dr. Smith probably composed that rendition completely on his own.

The true text of Chief Seattle's speech as given to Governor Stevens at Point Elliot on January 21, 1855 is recorded in the National Archives as follows:

"I look upon you as my father, I and the rest regard you as such. All of the Indians have the same good feeling toward you and will send it on paper to the Great Father. All of the men, old men, women and children rejoice that he has sent you to take care of them. My mind is like yours, I don't want to say more. My heart is very good towards Dr. Maynard [one of the founders of the city of Seattle]. I want always to get medicine from him."


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"Do we inherit the Earth from our Ancestors or borrow it from our Children?"
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