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:eyecrazy: I thought that I was the only one who likes Blue water flyfishing. It is not as easy as some like to lead one to believe. I have done it for a few years. One time we were fishing for tuna south of Block Island in a 24 foot Formula, cleaning a yellow fin, and washing down the boat a great white almost as long as the boat came right up along side, the dorsal fin had to stick 3 feet out of the water, no flies for him. Having had mako sharks come up behind the boat two at a time, and throwing flies at them is something to try, have been unable to catch a small 8 foot Mako yet, but still am trying. Mahi- Mahi's and 15 lb Albacore really make Bluewater fishing with a flyrod a great experience. Looking forward this year to try and make a video about fishing offshore, if I could get somemore video of shark fishing I would be happy. I have one already of my grandson fighting, and landing a 186 lb Mako, actual weight on a scale in Montaup Harbor. I haven't posted much here lately as there doesn't seem to be much interest.
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