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Joe, a lot of guys were fishing today,I think...and it's Fathers Day... the day off. I know we had 20 guys at least down in Chatham this weekend, not to mention the North Shore Guys and others on other parts of the Cape ,R.I., the South shore, N.H.,etc.... Also, not everyone has a digital camera yet, then there are others who may not want to post there flys on the striper board. I like to post pictures because I have a new digital first... I don't think it's a lack of Interest. This board has generated a lot of frendships all over the country and overseas.... If others don't post pictures I certainly know it's not for a lack of interest, then you have a lot of lurkers ... Lately we have had a large number of new signons... I think it is because of all the contributions... so.. If I were the only one I would still continue to post ,but I don;t expect a reply all the time, only from those who want and want to comment.. Others have other the board is for all types..those that post pictures ,like you and I, Juro, and several others, and other who do not or want to but don't have a camera yet, or whatever. I did the bonefish flys to give the Forum a base to work from in that section plus I wanted to tye those flys anyway... You should not feel the compulsion not to post your flys ...they are yours and you want to share your fine work . Please keep these points in mind and I look forward to seeing your continued creations.

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