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Hey, Sinktip, thanks for the response and the warm welcome to a guy who started up with a complaint. In response to your comments regarding this person not showing the actual spots, I offer the following quote from his course description: "...members will learn the 'Sweet Water' as you will stop at each holding pool along the way (between Sultan and Monroe). Name Withheld will point out the waters that have consitently held fish..." Anyway, sounds like he's going a lot further than a flyshop telling you where to fish. As far as the idea of getting new people involved in the sport, sure, I'm all for it. I know the stronger we are as a group, the more clout we have when it comes to protecting our resources. I guess some of us just feel that part of learning to catch steelhead on a fly is through personal experience and relationships, not paying to find out which rock to stand on. Mind you, I have to be careful not to be hypocritical here, I love the literature, websites and guide's information as much as the next guy. What I'm talking about is the process of learning, and how we go about it--it just doesn't seem right to make it a large-scale, low-cost, money-making operation. Well, I'll look forward to hearing back from you guys on this subject, I think the whole issue is good for discussion, and based on your intelligent, thoughtful discussions on other matters, I feel comfortable talking about this with you as a group. Enough of this ranting and raving. Anybody fishing out there? I'm pretty much taking the month off, after 35 days of fishing in the last two months, it's kind of a relief for it to come to a close. Just tying flies, catching up on all my long forgotten household duties and uh, wo, wor, know, that thing you have to do to make money.


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