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I have a charter booked with Capt Al Anderson out of Snug Harbor R.I. to target tuna on the fly. This trip will take place in early Oct.
Capt. Al came to a CCA meeting on Cape Cod and gave a presentation on offshore tuna on the fly as well as conventional gear. This guy is the top banana when it comes to tuna fishing, at least in these parts, so the trip should be quite a learning experiance. Especially since Dr. David Ross, author of "The Fishermans Ocean" is the one who invited me to go along, It's his charter actually.
I think, at this time of the season, we will be hooking up mostly to F/A's and bonito, although, as Al's slide show revealed he has brought many of the REAL tuna to the boat with a flyrod as well.
So, I know it's a long time to go, but keep this section alive and maybe I can learn a thing or 2 before the trip and , of course I'll post a report when the trip is thru.
I think offshore flyfishing will become more and more common as we all continue to seekout more ways to enjoy our sport. (and spend more money)
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