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Not that I.....

Not that I spend alot of time thinking about this but to be somewhat fair, we did displace them and took their lands. Not only did we take their land, we exploited its natural resources, clear cut trees, built sprawling factory's, polluted our water ways with chemicals and human waste.

Its funny how people have given the Indians a bad name. From where I stand we should all point fingers at each other.

I certainly begrudge no one to take fish ( with limits of course ). I may not take any personally but if others take them "responsibly" I don't have a problem. My problem lies with the poacher / braggards who take fish out of season or takes more than the limit or better yet takes it home to show everybody and then throws it out.

I have to say I don't really know the Laws that pertain to the Indians out your way and I am not a Bleeding Heart Liberal but when I look at the bigger picture we seem to be much more of the problem that has caused the decline of our fisheries.
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