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This is too spooky but I have caught that fish before. I pointed out the injured eye to Ryan, remembered it from a photo I took when fishing the flats with my son, and the distinct pattern of the healing eye, and it hit me like an X-File episode. I didn't mention the coincidence until I came home and dug out the picture of the eye. The fish appeared to have grown quite a bit, 2 pounds perhaps, it was sub-legal last year I think.

The Airflo coating is superior, but Cortland takes a direct nail knot like any flyline. My 444 clear is full of tiny cracks in it's fourth season, I bought it the year of the first boneclave and started fishing it in May of 1999 when it first hit the shelves at the flyshop I part-timed at back then (our sponsor, Blue Northern Trading Co.). Despite the cracks that cause light refraction, it still casts great and works really well. I would retire it for aesthetics and slight increase in visibility during bright conditions, not because it doesn't "work". I just purchased a new one, $52 - not bad at 12 bucks a year. Spin guys pay that easy.

Airflo line is guaranteed to be crack-proof for 5 years, sounds great. I wish they didn't require a loop. I like to re-tool my leaders a lot and the convenience of a 30 second nail knot on the water is too important to me to give up. I also like to minimize the size of all connections clunking thru the guides and slicing thru mung and weeds.

Some people avoid nail knots because they are difficult... just buy a large needle at the craft store for $.50 cents and you can tie a nail knot using the eye to pull the line back thru in about 30 seconds. I did it at the stairs before we jumped on the boat that morning in fact.

I tie my own leaders so the loop is moot. The blood knots tell me which sections of the taper and tippet need repair, although they do catch mung. I found a solution to mung... move somewhere else!
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