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Joe, both presentations are nicely done; this thread and the other.

Regarding the epoxy conversation: Art Burton, et al, including myself, have covered this ground before. Art contacted Devcon for a straight answer, seeming to get a 'yes' AND a 'no', adding to the confusion. Art likes using some brand other than Devcon based on successes/info/experience.

HOWEVER - I spoke with the Devcon guy last Saturday night (Art, this is the guy who lives across the fence from my nephew) - Devcon Five Minute is NOT waterproof in total constant immersion situations. If allowed to dry, and then coated with a slower setting compound like thirty or ninety minute epoxy, the component is then totally waterproof.

re: Sally Hansen - I've used this faithfully as both head cement and overcoat, even over five minute heads, but never paid attention to non-yellowing aspect, though I think I remember someone else also saying it would prevent/retard yellowing.

Guess we'll have to whip up a bunch of your "Baitfish Babies" or Striblue's "Chatham Morning Blend" or "Monomoy Ghosts" and perform our own bona fide experiments

(edited to correct spellingandkeystrokeerrors - Todd - wherz yu spel chekur??? )

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