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Originally posted by DFix
regarding epoxy: if five-minute epoxy is used for any body/head styling, it is not completely waterproof, meaning it will not withstand total immersion for extended periods of time. Furthermore, five minute epoxy compounds discolor (yellow) after a season or so. In order to waterproof, one should coat five minute epoxy, after it is dry and cured, with either thirty minute or more extended time (90 min.) material; this info does not take into account rod finishes, head cements, etc.

(guess I better do something more interesting than read - Nick's ahead of me in posts )
I agree with you on the discoloration of the 5 minuet epoxy after a time, but what I do when I use 5 minuet epoxy is to coat the 5 minuet stuff with Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails, but I'm not sure if this will prevent discoloration from personal experience, but I was told that it would.
The other longer cure epoxy will not discolor after a time, but I don't know anyting about it being water proof or not.
Interesting subject, would like more comments.
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