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Forget about those puny bass and go for the Carp! Once you've tied into a big Carp, you as well as Mr. Carp will be hooked.
Golden Bones, as they are sometime refed to, are very spooky but they will take a well presented nymph such as a prince, pt, birds nest etc. If there is an algie bloom, watch for them to be feeding on the algie. You will see their mouths break the surface as they cruse just below. Throw them a crud fly which is just green marabou wrapped onto the hook shank. Doesn't need to be fancy or pretty, you can palmer it of just tie it on matuka style, they don't care. Throw it out in front of him and give a little strip, just enough to get his attention. Just remember, prey does not move towards the predator. Algie maybe, but not a real live critter like a nymph or crawdad. Contrary to popular belief, Carp are not strictly vegetarians. They will eat anything that provides calories. That includes meat as well as veggies, like nymphs, crustations, small minnows, algie, plant goodies falling off of streamside trees and bushes, like black berries. Read "Carp on the Fly". It will open up a whole new world. And what the hell, as long as it's c & r, what difference does it make.

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