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Billy Pate


I wouldn't exactly say "out fished". More like it was hard for him to fish while people kept bugging him all day, wanting autographs, ect. I just wanted some Tarpon and I'm sure he did too. Besides it would have been easier for me if he was casting at fish. Once you have the swimming speed of the migrating tarpon down you can pretty well set your watch by when they will get to you once they pass the position ahead of you. There was a ton of smoke in the air, and visibility was poor, so my knowing when tarpon were moving down the bank would have helped alot. Being able to see him cast at fish moving down the bank would have been a major benefit, not a negative. FYI from what I understand he will sit and talk all day in his shop for those who care to. So, you don't have to bug the guy while he's fishing.

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