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Whiskey Dick:

No the Padre frame is a wrap around so you don't need side guards. I just got back from a week of Tarpon fishing in Islamorada and I wore that very frame. The skin got torched but I don't have any eye problems at all. Other than the fact that I look like a racoon from the tan lines. The amber color did a fine job in letting me pick out tarpon in some really crummy overcast conditions and various color of bottoms.

Just as a side note..... Day 3 in Islamorada I fished postion #2 of the Pocket on Buchannan Bank (the locals acted like it was a really famous spot). Caught a couple of fish and had a generally great day. The guy in position #1 kept having people come over and talk to him so he missed a ton of fish. Later in the day I found out that it was Billy Pate I was catching fish behind. Poor guy must have had 10 boats stop by to talk to him.

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