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Thumbs up Thanks Guy's For answering all my Questions

after 3 years of Lazer surgery and finally going in and having my eyes removed so that the surgeon could stop the blood vessels behind my eyes from bleeding and making me go blind, I can see again:eyecrazy: :hehe: . The one thing i have wanted for a long time was a good pair of prescription polarized glasses and now after one more visit with the good old Doc next month i will be able to get a new prescription and get my new glasses . I have been trying to figure out the best type for me and all i did was confuse the hell out of myself(well that is not hard to do ). Then i find this thread and now it is as clear as daylight(excuse the pun) what i am going to get. Action Optics, Glass,clearwater copper tint and the padre frames. Get a pair of the chums retainers and i am good to go . Life is good!!!. Just reading through the posts you guys made it all so clear and covered every question i had,thanks. Oh Fred before you ask yes the Surgeon put the eyes back in the right way so i am not looking backwards in side my head: . tight lines, brian
I do have one question for FlyFishAR, john do you wear side shields with the padre frames? if so which ones,the hard sideshields or the moldable sideshields??
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