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Great lakes salmon and steelhead luckily, do not have fish
return issues, so special catch and release, or no kill for hatchery or wild fish is limited. Lots of fish returning annually to each river, they do not even count them here, only estimated returns are made.

Some sections of high quality blue ribbon waters have special regulations of fly fishing only and/or no kill. Rivers which have essentially all wild salmon or steelhead have their head water nursery sections closed during the peak salmon and steelhead spawning periods.

On the blue ribbon wild fish rivers a strong catch and release philosophy has been adopted over the last 10 years. More anglers are realizing how precious these wild fish are.

Lets hope this philosophy continues to grow since this is a finite resource we need to protect for the future.

One other control which started last year on one river and is now spreading is citizen patrols by anglers who have been trained by the fishery division on how to monitor anglers for proper fishing methods and catches. If a violator is found they call a fishery officer who is close by to review the situation and approach the angler in violation.
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