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I've been wearing the Fitovers over progressive lenses for two seasons and find them adaquate. Would love to get a pair of top quality Rx, but they would have to be bi-focals, unless I have a fishin caddy to tie my flys on. The Action Optics Rx's sound interesting. As far as glass vs polycarbonate, I'm paranoid about my eye's. As desciplined as you might be about casting with the wind on your favorable side, there is no accounting for momentary "dumb a$$". Take a look at the right lense of my glasses next time you see me. Out harmlessly practicing my casting in the back yard when the fly gets caught in an apple tree. Gave the line a little flick and get the shank of the practice fly right in the back of the lense. Really dumb but dumb happens.
Fred A.
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