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R Spey & restraint policies re male Atlantics

Fortunately the Spey is very undeveloped too. In 100 miles there are only about 6 large villages & one that is called a town. Water quality is excellent, (I hope you have drunk some with the addition of some malted barley!), & it is the fastest flowing major river in Britain. Great for the fly. Spey casting a virtual necessity on a good proportion of the pools, & some like me have found they get greater & more reliable distance this way with the double handed rod.

The committee I chair is considering a range of possible restraint policies for Spey on which to canvas opinion. An outside possibility is to allow the killing of all grilse but only identifiable male salmon, particularly as it is difficult to sex springers. Anyone know of any such policies in Atlantic Canada, based perhaps on a minimum length of the male salmon's kype? It is probably not workable but worth asking?

Favourite policy is probably that practised on River Tweed here, i.e. first & third etc springer salmon per rod week must be returned, second & fourth etc may be killed.
Are there examples of this sort of policy in US/Canada, & have they been able to stick?
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