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RE:Summer Patterns


I will in all liklihood be going back and forth to Langara from July 11 to August 8. Those dates, especially at the tag end are somewhat negotiable. As yet, I have not recieved firm dates from them, but those are my availability times. From July 1 - 9 I will be up at my favourite Cariboo lake - Sheridan for some chironomid fishing. In mid-August I'll more or less be around home, then the last 2 weeks before Labour Day I'll be up in the Skeena country. I know life's tough but somebody has got do it!

With the close of this spring steelhead season, as few and far between as the fish were I have to say I am very pleased. This is in no small part due to hooking up with a merry band of hard-core steelheaders that share my passion for speyfishing. Brian, Jeff, Duggan, Bill and you Juro made this an exciting and valuable spring - thanks alot - tight lines - tyler.
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