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The 8 and 11 weight rods that I cast were fast,"tip flex" models. As I said befor they generate a lot of line speed. I think they will be great on windy days(I didn't cast them in the wind). They track well and boom out long casts with little effort. In close, I thought they loaded quickly and cast accurately. Having said that, no matter how much line I had out of the tip, I thought that the T3 rods were vague and provided little feel. Everything looks good,just don't close your eyes. I think that alot of people will love these rods on the flats, but I would rather use these rods for long blind casts to stripers.
I have fished with these 11 weights on the flats: T&T Horizon, Sage RPLX and RPLXi, Scott STS and Heliply, Loomis GLX 10/11 mega, and the Orvis PM10 and Tident TL. Of these rods I prefer the RPLXi. All of these powerful rods are just about perfect, but I think that the Sage RPLXi is the quickest loading, easiest to cast rod. While long casts are good(and all of these rods are great at this) poor visibility ofted dictates a quick 35' cast, often to the side and accross the wind. This is where the Xi shines. It is also a fishfighting machine. The soft tip might make you think that it is not up to the task, but work the pressure into the butt, and you can really put the wood to the fish. My second choice would be the T&T Horizon, however, they proved a little fragile. They have come out with a new three pice version this year that promises to be up to the task.
You might like one of the others more, so cast them all. I went into a flyshop in Isla Morada(not Bob's or WWSM)and asked the guy who was there what rod he liked for Tarpon. He said he liked the Scott STS and added that the RPLXi would be better suited to a woman. With that in mind take my opinion for what it's worth.
Which RPLX do you have? They are still very desirable among the teeny/leadcore chuckers.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.

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