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Trout Pond Project

A buddy of mine told me about a trout pond he built with his father when he was younger and sounded pretty easy...

Call a bulldozer, have them dig a big hole(20' deep in one end and come up at an angle, 100' wide x 50' across) real close to a brook running through their property...
Go in with the big rocks and make some nice rock formations for the fish...
Divert some of the brook water into the new hole (ground was saturated because of the brook anyway)...
Run another diversion back to the brook so water is flowing at same rate (well, after the pond is filled in)...
Call the local fishery and get a delivery...
Stock annually to keep it going great.

He was feeding his fish the meal pellets that they were used to at the fishery, so even if he wanted to take any of them for dinner sometime, he couldn't because the flesh was just nasty tasting from all the pellets.

The fish even got comfortable enough in the pond to start spawning in the sand, he said it was a great way to learn about fish and watch them that closely. He was using Brookies to begin with, and got some upwards of 20-22" and about 5 lbs.!!!! (originally stocked 6-8" trout)

The last time they stocked the smallies, he watched one of the big ones come up (saw the flash of his sides) and then dissapear, when he watched for him along the bank, he got a little mad when there was a tail sticking out of his mouth!!! After that he only stocked 10-12" for their own protection. He also started stocking Bow's to see if they could grow em' bigger than the wale-sized brookies they got... never got to find out because they sold the house a few years after that...(wish I was buying land when they did!!!)

I was wondering if anyone has heard of others doing something like this and if they had success by leaving the pond to feed pellets??? IF it would be feasable, it would sound like a great hobby, and make for an easy fishing spot when you just don't have time to go anywhere else. (or your stuck home watching the kids who are too small to fish yet)

I have posted a pole to get an idea of how others feel about this sort of thing too...
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