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Speynut, if I may jump in...

The discontinued rplX definitely had a stiff tip, especially 10wt and over. In fact it was a broomstick, I owned one for a season and sold it (9wt and less were fine). The RplxI has a much sweeter upper taper and loads like a dream, in fact I defy anyone to find a nicer casting SW rod than the Rplxi 8wt 9ft, even in the 5pc with all those ferrules.

Scott has a really sweet upper taper, T&T rods are also exceptionally designed - there are a number of great tapers out there.

IMHO the problem with a finesse tip, if too much finesse, is that it feels like you're casting with a 6 foot rod once you need to dig into the double haul and throw a long line in the wind. I feel like I need all 9 feet on the striper coast and for coho out on the pacific so the challenge is to have your cake and eat it too.

To be more clear about my previous T3 comments, to be brutally frank rods like the RPLXi, Scott STS, T&T, etc - give you both optimal grain performance and reserve long cast capabilities whereby I could only find the optimal grain performance with the T3. Once again it could have just been my casting nuances, all caveats apply.

I'd be curious to hear what others have to say about the T3 to widen the sample size?
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