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Orvis T3

Hey Eddie,
Was that T3 11 wt. you tried their 9.5 flex? I'm wondering how the rod loads and casts when you're in close quarters? Any thoughts on it overall for both distance and short range casting?

I have enjoyed using my RPLX for several years but an experience on my last trip to the tropics made me want to scream. Though the RPLX rods are great rods for picking up and shooting lots of line in strong gusts, the stiff tip is nearly impossible to work with on short distance casts. Trying to deal with a quick short 15' - 20' cast when a fish suddenly comes onto a flat right on top of you can make a guy feel foolish in a hurry. That short bit of line really makes it a struggle to load these RPLXs.

Thanks for your thoughts on the T3 or any other saltwater rods you think I should consider as potential replacements. JB
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