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This Program is pretty neat. It may look confusing at first but its not bad.

1. Download program. Open file that downloads. Install by clicking next throughout the installation sequence.

2. In the start menu under programs there will be the new folder "Jpeg Resizer" and in that will be the "jpeg Resizer" program. Open that up.

3. You'll need any pictures that you want shrunk in one folder. In the program, you'll see "source" and "destination" line. Click on browse on the right side and set these locations up.

4. Then you need to set the pixel size to 600x500 or less. If you leave "Keep Proportions" checked, then you only need to change one of the pixel dimensions. The other will automatically change to keep the picture properly proportioned.

5. If you pictures are too big bytes wise, then you can adjust the slider under "compression" to a lower quality picture.

6. You should then be able to hit ok. What will happen is that the program will take all jpegs in the "source" folder, resize them, compress them(if needed) and then place them in the "destination" folder. The file sizes will be smaller and then you will be able to attach them.

Please let me know if you need more help.

Hopefully this made a little sense.

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