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Yes, that's true...

... gar are a prehistoric fish (relative to the modern fishes) that are slender and have many sharp teeth; a few species, notably the alligator gar, get huge (I think I read that the WR for that species topped 300 lbs. and was something like 7 feet long, but perhaps that's just a fishy story). Problem is, they require somewhat specialized tackle since their jaws are so slender. Many fisherman use a snell or loop to secure the upper jaw of the fish, so I'm not certain as to how easy it would be to actually set the hook of a streamer or other such pattern in a gar's mouth. A few of the species are actually kind of pretty. We have them "up here" in Georgia, but they've always ignored my attempts to interest them. It's quite frustrating to see what appears to be a 4' fish rising slowly out of the depths, sitting on the surface for a minute or two, and then slowly submerging again after ignoring all of your efforts to entice it into taking a fly. I wonder if this is what fishing for permit is like.
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