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Old 06-03-2002, 02:39 PM
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Hi Joe, I've also seen your flys on FFSW. These instructions are copied from some that Juro posted a while ago.

"1) Save your picture from the url above to a local folder on your computer (right mouse button, save picture)

2) Create a new post in the archive area and type in your recipe

3) Using the "attach file" feature (down below where you typed the recipe) browse to where you put the image in step#1 and select the image

4) Click [Submit Reply]"

On my computer durring step 3 I have to click on the file type and "select all" to see the pictures. to be posted the picture has to have a file smaller than 64,000 bytes and dimensions smaller than 600 X 500 pixels.

When you post the message the picture will be included at the bottom of the message. It will not show up when you preview the message.

I hope that this helps I look forward to seeing your posts.
John Desjardins
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