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Yes, there are actually a few lakes up in Northern Georgia that hold hybrids, and several guides work a good deal of the year fly fishing for those bad boys with deceivers and the like on 9-wt. tackle. I hope to get up there some time in the fall to give it a try. Unfortunately, I've found that, being a transplant from the Northeast, most of the fishing in Georgia stinks; either that or I'm just not going to the right places at the right times. Oh well, that will make the move from here one day all the more pleasing. Now, if they'd only find some way of adapting Northern Pike to Florida temps...:eyecrazy: I imagine that with the extended "growing season", the pike could attain some ferocious sizes (not that they don't already in the Great North), but if you think about it, there are a lot more poodles in Florida, which I think would account for a fair portion of the pike's diet
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