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Re: Thanks!

Originally posted by flyfisha1
Neat site; doesn't appear to work very well, but they say it will be upgraded continually. I'll keep checking back.

Yeah, I discovered that too. I posted the link before I really checked it out. I noticed that the search feature isn't that great and the info they have for each place isn't too detailed. At least you can check the places near you to see if they have bass and pickerel in them. I was hoping they would have maps with depth contours and access points like the Massachusetts site has.

I would imagine that the largemouths and pickerel will be pretty easy to locate. The smallmouths may be a little more difficult to find. Look for them in places with deeper, colder water and a rocky bottom or search them in rivers and streams. I think they also have spotted bass in that area, and some of the reservoirs may have white bass, which would be an absolute blast on a fly rod!
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