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Dear God, mines so simple I'm almost embaressed to post it.

Depending upon the size/under-weight of the fly you want you'll use lead wire to sink the bugger.

Anyway, size 4-8 thin wire hook;
black thread;

Slide a bead head appropriate to the hook you're using;
then several wraps of waxed thread.

Tie in the lead wire and cover the shank from the bead-head to the top of the bend of the hook. Several wraps of waxed thread over the lead wire to lock it into place.

Body of the fly is then just a choice of "New Age Chenille" with rubber legs. The lower one I'll usually "V"so it looks like a tail, the middle one (or two given the size of the hook) will be done as regular legs. The top one works best if "Véd" forward to represent 'feelers.'

You can vary the pattern by putting the lower 2/3's in a lighter colour, and the top 1/3 in a darker colour. Changing the colour of the legs can also attrach Mr. Steelhead or Salmon. The three main leg colours I use are black, a bug green stuff you find on a lot of Bass plugs, or white. The white works best very early, or very late, in the day (remember I'm in Medford, were we don't get much in the way of overcast weather) where the high contrast of dark body/white legs seems to be an attention getter.

Usually fish these as a two fly set up; the heavy Otis Bug on top, with a size 8-12 trailer fly such as bead-head cadis, small single egg, etc. The trailer choice is a function of what's going on in the river at the time.

Simple, but darned effective combo for the Rogue.

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