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RE:Summer Patterns

Yeeow - that's gotta hurt! Does this mean No Coho and an earlier-than-expected trip, or a mid September run after the move? Still planning to do the Vancouver Island run?

As for my own summer fishing, I'm partial to my black ostrich and grizzly bugger as a generic fish-getter. Tied on a straight eye nymph hook in #4 and #6, this bug has caught summer fish dredged on a sinktip in the Snoqualmie and skated on the surface of the Sky at first light. That and some small purple/black low-water ties for riffling and a few foam-head muddlers and traditional maribou muddlers and I'm ready to go.

Planning on exploring some new water this summer (far away from the Rubber Hatch and the Splash&Giggler's) and will report on what I find.


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