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Black Magic

The pattern I am submitting is my version of a fly called “Black Magic.” I received the material list for the fly from the Rogue Flyfishers when I was in Pendleton, OR. Didn’t start using the pattern until I moved up to the Puget Sound region and found that it worked great for steelhead and SRC, throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Pattern Originated by: Neil Selbicky
Material List as submitted for the Fly Swap:
Low water/dry fly hook, size = 4
Thread -- Black
Tag – flat silver
Tail – upturned golden pheasant crest
Body – black dubbing
Throat – dark purple hackle fibers (original calls for black hackles, but I like it better with purple)
Wing – black deer hair to a little past end of body
Topping – golden pheasant crest over to just past the end of the wing
Head – black thread

Anyways, the fly looks very fishy and my confidence rises every time I tie it on my line.
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