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Jerry, thanks good picture, here is the history and tying instructions for my fly (bottom row, middle fly)

Hex Nymph - Natural Bead Head

Imitates the Hexigenia Limbata may fly species common to the Upper Midwest rivers and some other parts of the country. This is a primary part of the steelhead trout and salmons diet while in the rivers before smolting and leaving for the great lakes. This fly was developed in the 1970s and was one of the first flys used for steelhead in Michigan. Originally was called the Springs Wiggler. now has many variations. It can be tied in many color variations and various materials. The colors I primarily use for the body are cream, tan, fluor green. Very simple nymph to tie and can also be used for bass.

Sizes: 4 -10
Hook: Any longer shanked steelhead/salmon hook
Tail: Natural or olive dyed pheasant tail, or red squirrel tail
Shell Back: Natural or olive dyed pheasant tail or red squirrel tail
Body: crean, tan, or chartreuese fine chenile or Spirit river dubbing Hackle: brown or olive saddle hackle or emu feathers, cut off the fibres on top of the hook
Bead head or mono eyes are optional, this one has the bead head

Bead head or weighted hook is optional

An effective high colored water variation is tied with black squirrel tail and fluorescent hot pink body.

Fish this dead drift like any other nymph presentation, at end of swing a couple of twitches

I think you will find this effective on just about any trout and salmon river.

Caught my first steelhead 21 years ago with this fly and lost a big wild buck (13-15 lbs) on it the last day of this springs trip, can still envison his twisting 3 foot head shaking jump and ejection of the nymph back to me.

Good Luck !

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