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... you know it's funny, there's nothing quite like the rush of a pickerel, pike, or musky just under the surface from 20' away to smash a topwater lure; I still remember it vividly. Anyone that hasn't had a chance to go for one of these fish, give it a try, as they're practivally the freshwater equivalent of barracuda.
There are quite a few good streams up in the North Georgia area, around Hiawassee and Helen, and from what I understand many of the trout are still wild and are therefore pretty skittish. It's kind of funny, I had never really spent any time in Georgia before moving here two years ago (aside from the occassional layover in Atlanta when flying somewhere), and I always had this vision that it was a bare place, full of scrub brush. It's actually really pretty, even around Atlanta, with rolling hills, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and lots of greenery. I haven't made any time to fish the streams or the Chatahoochee River, for that matter, for trout but I hope to do so this Summer. Heading up to a local lake (Carter's Lake) tomorrow to do some casting for stripers, walleye, smallmouth and the like. It's a beautiful lake created when the Army Corp built a dam on a river moving through a mountain valley; as such, it's like "fishing in the mountains", and the lake is very deep in places (up to 300'), perfect for many species of gamefish. I'll let everyone know how it goes. My fishin' partner has an old reconditioned Thompson; all wood. He tells me I can cast from the top of the bow (it's a cuddy cabin), but I sure hope I don't fall through!

I must also say that although I'm a recent member, I have found many of the threads I've read and contributed to to be very informative, and they've really helped me make some good decisions about tackle. Thanks to all!
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