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Originally posted by striblue
Nice Fly Dave..looks a little like a thick Rats ass without the clouser eyes.... In a different color that would make a great striper fly no doubt.... what... no Lolita eyes???
There's a piece of info missing from the beginning of my description, above. This thing is kinda the Mepps Lusox of the pike-fly world in the colors anybody can imagine tying it in; I'd played with this pattern for a lot of years in quite a few colors before I ever knew about the Umpqua registered Barr Bouface. I was jarred to make this after seeing it in the Umpqua catalog. My past efforts with this are more large streamer hook oriented, with eyes, as noted. But, when we started talking about pike, and knowing some of us live in 'REAL PIKE' TERRITORY, I used the Varivas saltwater hook instead. I've also used this as a eel 'cuz it pushes so much water.

Pete, I'm so pleased this bugger worked for you !

John: Thanks - regarding eyes, with the tarpon taper winding on the head, it would be a paint job. Yes, you've seen my secret arsenal of highly attractive nail colors and sequin nighttime flashies , but I chose to not eye these :eyecrazy:

Answer this question: if you suggest this is a thick Rat's Ass, I can see the proportioning you mean, but - IF I make this Rat's Ass style, do I want to palmer the marabou, tie it on quill style, or is it tyer choice?

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