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Unsticking a Softex jar

Here's one that I picked up from a guy at my local flyshop last evening.....

Ordinarily, I lubricate the threads of a Softex jar with a light coating of vaseline or petroleum jelly to prevent the lid from becoming stuck. However, I forgot to do this with my latest jar, and the lid had become stuck. I tried the usual trick of running it under hot water, and that didn't do anything.

So while I'm describing this problem to my friend, one of the workers at the shop suggested that I pour a layer of salt into a bowl. The salt should be deep enough to cover the interface of the lid and jar when the jar is put into the bowl upside down. Once the jar is in the bowl of salt, swish it around a bit to get some of the salt into the groove under the lid. Next, take the jar out and take the lid off. Apparently, the salt acts like little ball bearings to help loosen the accumulated Softex that's in the lid/jar interface.

I have to admit that I had my doubts about this, but I went home and tried it. Turning the lid took some elbow grease, but it slowly started to move and then actually came off.

Learning something new every day.......
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