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Did the guy get bit?? They have some nasty pearly whites they do.

I'm known locally for mistaking a Chocolate Lab for a Seal.

Quick Synopsis of the story:

Foggy night. 1 mile out on Pennsfeild Reef ( CT ) 60 yds from my buddies. No head lamp or light. No moon. All I could see where two greenish eyes and a V wake coming at me FAST. After messing my waders I high taled to shore. Turns out some guy brought his dog out there while he was fishing. When one is waist deep and a mile from shore thats not what you want to see coming at you!! Call me a frady cat but ...... strange things can and do happen. All in all my freinds laughed, I laughed, we played with the dog and all caught fish that night.

Instead of Steehead Mike they mock me and call me Sealhead Mike. All in good fun.
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