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CR Brightwell

Well, after making a few posts I suppose I should formally say 'Hello' to everyone and tell those interested a little about myself. I grew up for the most part in Utah and Southern New Jersey, though I've lived in Brazil, Indiana, South Carolina and Georgia (presently) as well. Lived on a small (10 acre) private lake in Marlton, NJ during my teens and totally fell in love with fishing, catching chain pickerel and largemouth every day on Heddon Torpedos and Johnson's weedless spoons, as well as poppers tossed on my cheap fly rod combo; this is nothing to speak of trips to the shore chasing bluefish and stripers in the surf. I became such a fisherman and naturalist that I ended up attending Coastal Carolina U. in Myrtle Beach for Marine Science, graduated and got a job in Atlanta working as such and eventually became head of R & D for our company. We're currently working on developing a line of boating and fishing products, so I'm set to spend a lot of time in the Keys (where we'll eventually move management). So, even though the trout fishing in Northern Georgia is reputed to be quite good in area, I'm really a saltwater fly rodder by heart. Can't wait to get back to the ocean to live! Anyone ever wants to drop me a line, please do so!
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